Notion Product Designer Portfolio Templates

Create a perfect UI/UX portfolio with 1-click! Using a proven case study format to showcase your talent, your story and your worth.

Notion Product Designer Portfolio Pack - Portfolio and case studies templates for UI/UX designers | Product Hunt

Show em' what you've got!

No more spending months trying to create and format your case studies and create a portfolio website.

With 1-click you can duplicate a number of beautifully and intentionally designed portfolio and case study layouts to your Notion workspace to share with potential employers and clients and get hired.
Show your worth
Communicate who you are as a designer and your unique value proposition
Show your process
Show deliverables, embed prototypes, upload images and explain your work
Tell your story
Share your how your experience informs what you do and how and why you do it

A portfolio for every position!

Instantly create different versions of your portfolio so you're always applying to jobs with your most relevant work!
4 Portfolio Styles
Choose from 4 different portfolio template styles or combine them to create your own!
4 Case Study Styles
Display your case studies in a variety of layouts based on a proven format to showcase your process!
2 Resume Styles
Create a resume using timeline or view or our custom template to share you work history!

Share live links, Export as a PDF or HTML!

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Thank you, Notion is addicting getting the hang of it, organize and porting my endless streams of printouts and notebooks.
Rob G.
It's love at first sight! Notion is great
Nantia K.
This is really nice!!! Thanks again.
Pak C.
Notion. It looks really good and easy to work with.
Alysson S.
Workspace Complete!
Nathan B.
I switched from Trello to Notion
Sonja B
With these awesome programs in hand I might be able to make this design example product into a real one!
Michael G.
I'm digging this!
Christine A.
Love notion so much now! Bye millions of different google docs I have categorized by folder!
Molly De A.
Thanks, This is munch better then Trello!
Manuel N.
I'm an avid user of Notion before I enrolled in this course! So happy to have a template available! 👍
Melody J.

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