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Save so much time and confusion when organizing UI/UX research and design projects with Notion!

Notion Product Design Pack - Organize your UI/UX research and design projects with Notion | Product Hunt

Get it together!

Got surveys, interviews, personas and color palettes all over the place?

Get yourself organized!

Copy everything you see in this video to your Notion app with just 1-click and keep everything in order so you can get back to designing awesome products!
1-click away
1 -click and all of these template are copied directly to your Notion app!
Fully customizable
Tweak every aspect to make them perfectly suited to your needs!
Save so much time
You can spend hours configuring your project management software or your can get back to what matters with these templates!

Every template a UI/UX designer could possibly need!

No more fumbling around trying to organize the feedback from your users or scouring your harddrive looking for your empathy maps to share with your team. Keep your assets and notes easily accessible and shareable!
Inspiration and Ideation
Save your ideas, scribbles, mood boards and thoughts about the product you are creating.
User Research and Design
Pre-made templates to help you conduct and manage user surveys and interviews.
Information Architecture
Create your site inventory, sitemaps, user flows and taxonomy
Visual and User Interface Design
Save your color palettes, typography and imagery and even embed interactive prototypes!
Business and Product Roadmap
Create your competitive analysis, lean canvas and business plan.
Plan how you will get your product into the world and create your content and editorial calendar

Perfect for indivuals and teams!

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What People Say About Us

Thank you, Notion is addicting getting the hang of it, organize and porting my endless streams of printouts and notebooks.
Rob G.
It's love at first sight! Notion is great
Nantia K.
This is really nice!!! Thanks again.
Pak C.
Notion. It looks really good and easy to work with.
Alysson S.
Workspace Complete!
Nathan B.
I switched from Trello to Notion
Sonja B
With these awesome programs in hand I might be able to make this design example product into a real one!
Michael G.
I'm digging this!
Christine A.
Love notion so much now! Bye millions of different google docs I have categorized by folder!
Molly De A.
Thanks, This is munch better then Trello!
Manuel N.
I'm an avid user of Notion before I enrolled in this course! So happy to have a template available! 👍
Melody J.

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